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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Ranger Hyacinth
Mt. Deckbi

"Umbreon," yelled Alden, I need you to stand in front of that boulder and let the Geodude come at you with its Rollout." Umbreon now looked back at her trainer again, this time with concern in her eyes. "Don't worry," said Alden, "I have a plan on how we can stop that Geodude's Rollout."

Umbreon went to where she was ordered, and then Alden continued. "Now Umbreon, turn your body, and dig your feet into the ash on the ground."

The Jackal Pokemon switched, her back now facing the incoming Geodude, as she then started digging the ground with her back legs and throwing dirt at the rolling boulder.

Too bad he wasn't going that way.

After missing Alden by a hair's width, and bouncing off the uneven ground, Geodude did indeed make his way to where Umbreon was standing, but it wasn't at her that he was aiming.

In the toxic-induced fever, he was aiming at the rock.

As Geodude neared, Umbreon leapt out of the way and Geodude smacked himself agaisnt the boulder, however it didn't stop him. The rock Pokemon did indeed hit the boulder, and that somewhat slowed him, but his momentum was too much and so he bounced back, somehow managing to hit Umbreon. What a strange turn of events.


Area Effect: Ash Rain

Male Geodude (unknown nature / ability) 54.25% Toxic, Defense Curl, using Rollout.

Trainer stats

Name: Alden Umstar
Items: Park Ball x6, Super Ball x4, Full Heal x2, Max Potion x3

~Female Calm Umbreon (Synchronize) 67.69%
Extra Moves: Tm Toxic

Male Adamant Flareon (Flash Fire) 100%
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