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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

Zack didn't waste time getting down to business, that was for sure. Almost as soon as I was finished speaking, the young man released a PZ of his own. His Pokemon made a series of happy bleeps and chirps when it spotted Databyte, who beeped and chirped back in response. I didn't know what they were saying, but it seemed they were getting along quite well for only knowing each for about five seconds.

"Okay, I want you to use Thunderbolt to light up the room and then use Thunder Wave to paralyze it," Zack ordered his Pokemon a moment later. The PZ fired a large bolt of electricity, which spiraled up towards the ceiling before exploding in midair, casting sharp, harsh light and illuminating the dim room. Electrike yelped as the bright light made its eyes sting and water, shaking its head and growling angrily. Half-blind and eyes streaming, the electric dog rushed forward without a thought for what its foe might be doing.

As Electrike charged at it, Zack's PZ moved on to its next order. Its arms waved back and forth rapidly, generating a massive amount of static electricity. This grew into a visible ring, which the man-made Pokemon expanded before launching. Electrike, though unable to see very well, could sense the pulse of the current flying at it. The electric dog gathered itself before executing a powerful leap, which carried it clear of the Thunder Wave...

...Except for its right back paw. Most of the Thunder Wave flew by, but a small section of it broke away from the main attack and flowed into Electrike's body. The dog yelped in surprise as it landed and stumbled, its muscles jumping and twitching beneath its fur. It snarled and shook itself a few times, as if trying to shake out the Thunder Wave. Then it crouched, glaring balefully at Zack's PZ, before getting ready to lunge. However, at that moment the Pokemon's muscles seized up, and the canine collapsed to its side with a strangled yip of surprise.

"Hmmmm, looks like Electrike's partially Paralyzed from that Thunder Wave," I commented from my spot several feet away. "I have a feeling that's only going to make it angrier, though, so don't count on this being won just yet!"



Gentle Genderless Porygon-Z: 100%
Electrike: 100% [Partially PAR]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Zack
Money: 750
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Genderless Porygon-Z (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power (Steel)) <Adaptability Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

-Brave Male Gliscor (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Earthquake, Stone Edge) <Hyper Cutter Ability>

-Hasty Male Weavile (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: X-Scissor, Surf) <Pressure Ability>

Total Items: 2 Mega Puffins, 5 Max Potions, 10 Hyper Balls, Digital Camera

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Electrike {Encounter 1}

Total Captured Pokemon: n/a
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