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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Look what I finally finished!

Name: Khajmer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Despite his meek outer exterior he is a true demon. Though he acts kind and courteous, and is respectful towards his Pokemon and wild Pokemon around him, inside a would-be world conqueror. He intends to use his Pokemon to conquer all of humanity, blaming them for the deaths of his old Pokemon team. He often alters his Pokemon by a dark energy he releases to mark their skin black, indicating that they are his. However, to everyone not in his head Khajmer is a very peaceful, spiritual person, and very religious as well, citing the will of Arceus as the reason for his former team’s destruction as a way for him to become reborn as he has. Yeah, right.
Description: I don’t feel like writing it out :p
Pokemon Captured: None thus far.
Park Items: None atm.


Chounou Ryoku (Alakazam, M, Quiet)
Obtained: When Khajmer’s old Pokemon team was destroyed he obtained Ryoku as an Abra, to help himself recover from his loss.
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