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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OoC: AUfan, you made my day xD

Ranger Hyacinth
Mt. Deckbi

"I see you have a Flareon and an Umbreon... how nice," Hyacinth commented as the two fo them walked along the path. He wasn't very likely to start some small talk by himself, but the young trainer didn't look like he'd withstand the silence for long. "I have an Espeon and a Vaporeon, you know? They're real sweethearts. Nebbia is very mischievous, always trying to squirt me with water, but she's really fun to be around, while Kiri- my Espeon- is much more level-headed... though she likes to indulge in such pranks as well, once in a while."

Alden listened to the boy's talking, then added some of his own about his Pokemon, when, suddenly a quite strange noise was heard. "What do you think it may be?"

"I... don't know," the Ranger replied. "It seems a whistle of sorts but..." They both looked around, to no avail. The noise wasn't from around them. Hyacinth then decided to look up. And...

"Look out!" he shouted as he tackled the other trainer down, out of harm's way. Raining from the sky, along all the nasty ash that now covered both of them head to toe, was a gold-coloured boulder. At first glance, it was nothing exceptional- it was just a round rock, even if rather big. The only really notable feature is that it flew to them, and exactly how it's currently a mystery.

"Are you all right?" the Ranger asked the trainer as he helped him up. "I wonder just how that thing managed to fly here..."

Suddenly, the boulder twitched, and both boys' attention was then drawn to is. Two muscular- somewhat muscular, being made of rock and all- arms sprouted from it, and eyes and a mouth was visible as it timidly said "Geo... dude." It looked around, as if looking for something, and then noticed the two humans.

"A... flying Geodude? What the frisk!" Alden said, the exact wording censored due to being on a child's forum.


Location: Mt. Deckbi
Area Effect: Ash rain

Encounter #1
Geodude (unknown gender/ trait/ nature) (you can decide its gender, if you're interested in one of these)

Trainer Stats

Name: Alden Umstar
Location: Mt. Deckbi
Total Items: 6 Park balls, 4 Super balls, 2 Full heals, 3 Max potions

Pokemon Stats

Type: Dark
Gender: Female
Ability: Syncronize
Nature: Calm
Added Moves: TM06 Toxic

Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Adamant
Added Moves: None
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