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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Ah well. :<

Sean Marshall - Mt. Oktori

Weavile once again radiated a dark energy, but this time it surrounded its entire body. Washtom and I were in perfect sync now. As long as we stay focused, the battle, and possibly the Weavile, would be ours. I quickly devised a clever scheme to gain the upperhand.

"Okay Washtom, I want you to use Astonish," I said, "then I want you to combo into a Double Team. Don't waste too much energy on the illusion, just do as much as you can manage."

My plan was simple; get Weavile to flinch just long enough for my Rotom to hide with Double Team. While Weavile struggles to pick out the real Washtom, I would have plenty of time to deal out some damage.

Washtom began stretching its ghostly face, then releasing an eerie shriek. The ghost's face twisted and contorted, taking vile poses as it attempted to scare the opponent. While it did this, the Rotom also focused energy, slowly creating several clones of itself. As long as Weavile flinched, even for a second, Washtom would have a decent chance of avoiding at least one attack.

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