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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

~Outpost #4 - Mt. Deckbi~

A boy left the weathered building, taking a quick glance of his surroundings. The lazy flakes floating around him had been falling since the day before, and had now covered litterally everything in a pale blanket- tree, grass, buildings. It gave the place an otherwordly look, as if he had just landed on some alien planet.

He knew better than that, and that the ash rain was likely to stop soon- it was very light at the moment, but it wasn't likely to last: it'd either start "raining" harder, if oh-so-slightly, or stop at all for a while. Mt. Deckbi was like that.

The place was well-liked by visitors- many enjoyed collecting the ash to bring it to glassmakers to convert in all kinds of items, and the fact that Fire Pokemon enjoyed this place really didn't hurt- and it usually got its fair share of workload, that's why Hyacinth was overjoyed when he was temporairly assigned there. He didn't particularly enjoy Fire Pokemon, but hey, he was all for the work!

The trainer was currently signing some paperwork inside- Alben, he thought he was called- while Hyacinth checked outside. "I'd better bring some pairs of googgles, just in case."

He turned to he entrance and almost hit the newcomer trainer. "Oops... Sorry, my bad," the ranger apologized. "I should've watched who was coming. I see you're done with paperwork, so... Should we go?" he asked and got a very enthusiast response from the older trainer. "Great. Just... Wait a minute here, I've got to get something first."

The ranger rushed in, leaving Alden there to pace back and forth absentmindedly, bored already. A couple of minutes later, Hyacinth came back, and saw a... pretty interesting scene. Boredom really is a wonderful thing.

"Ahem..." he made himself noticed after the trainer went on with his business without noticing him.

Hyacinth took a good look of the young man- he was taller, probably by ten centimeters or so, and looked a rather jolly fellow, hyperactive almost. His hair were a few shades darker than the ash, but still very light if compared to the ranger's own maroon hair. The trainer wore a white t-shirt with a Pokeball marking on the bottom left, and blue jeans. Overrall, nothing really outstanding, pretty ordinary. He had a cap too, by the way, with the same pokeball simbol- he must like that brand.

Hyacinth felt very... different, comparing to him- even though he wasn't, he still felt very self-conscious around people. He wore a short-sleeved olive green shirt, with long brown pants and a bandana with the Park symbol on it- a gift from a friend, he never took it off. All in all, he wasn't weird either. He just felt it.

"I'm Hyacinth, by the way," he introduced himself, and the trainer did the same. "Now I believe you want to start looking for Pokemon, right? Let's follow the path then, this way," he said as he led the way, on some kind of trek course that snaked its way to the volcano.

Name: Alden Umstar
Location: Mt. Deckbi
Total Items: 6 Park balls, 4 Super balls, 2 Full heals, 3 Max potions

Pokemon Stats

Type: Dark
Gender: Female
Ability: Syncronize
Nature: Calm
Added Moves: TM06 Toxic

Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Adamant
Added Moves: None
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