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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Sean Marshall - Mt. Oktori

Ranger Eli just looked at Sean and said, "Be careful!"

"I'll try," I replied.

Washtom looked fired up, ready to duke it out with Weavile. The Ice/Dark-type looked too cocky for its own good. I couldn't wait to see this exciting match-up, I knew that both Pokemon would put up a good fight.

"Okay, Washtom, let's do this!" I yelled, "enough stalling, let's start things off with a Hydro Pump, get everything nice and wet."

Nyurgh let out a cheerful cry, further encouraging the Rotom to do its best. The Electric/Ghost-type aimed the washing machine's hose at its opponent, then let loose a large burst of water. It didn't matter if Washtom's attack scored a hit or not, so long as Weavile ended up making some sort of contact with water.

"Let's see you Taunt that!" I taunted.

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