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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: x_x.

And wow, why did I choose a Ghost-type and a Grass/Ground-type when I was aiming for a Sneasel or Swinub?

Sean Marshall - Mt. Oktori

"Wow, a Weavile," I said, marveling at the dark creature with red feathers on its head, "that's the perfect Ice-type for my team. Stand back Nyurgh, let's leave this to Washtom!"

With that, I pulled out the Rotom's Pokeball and called upon it once again. The ghost possessing a washing machine still seemed proud of its earlier battle.

"Okay Washtom, your next opponent is that Weavile," I said, pointing out the Pokemon to it, "I want you to put up a good fight, but remember that we want to catch this one. Can you do that?"

Washtom nodded and focused on the creature, then suddenly shivered.

"Don't worry Washtom, just do your best, if we end up knocking out Weavile, I won't be any less proud of you," I said calmly, "Let's try and wear it down with a Will-o-Wisp!"

Rotom focused its ghostly energy, which took the form of several dark blue flames. The ghostly flames floated in mid-air, then went flying towards the Dark/Ice-type Pokemon. The spiritual flames quickly surrounded the inattentive Weavile and closed in on the creature.

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