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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Nah, you’re doing fine ^^. And lol, Mr. Mime…


IC: Saundra Blake
Meteor Valley

"No, she'll be alright,” Amonea replied as she waved a hand through the air. “To be frank, she is most likely causing trouble. Sending poor Ripper would only cause...more trouble." With that being said, she started to gather everything together, and I stood to help where I could. I felt uneasy, knowning one of my Ranger’s Pokemon was out most likely causing some mischief or another, but if Amonea wasn’t worried, there was probably no reason for me to be,

"We should start off that way," the Ranger continued a few minutes later, indicating north. It was different from the way we’d come; because back that way there was longer grass, more flowers, and a trail that led to a series of caves. I pondered what might be lurking around in those cold, stony depths, and was so lost in daydreaming that I nearly tripped over myself in surprise when I heard an enraged screech ring out.

Both Amonea and I whirled to see Kasy waddling towards us as fast as her tail and flippers could carry her. For such a round little beast, the Spheal could move surprisingly fast when she put her mind to it. She was grinning like the proverbial canary-eating cat; I could almost picture yellow feathers stuck to her jaws. Running close behind her was one of the stranger-looking Pokemon, a Mr. Mime. It was waving its long, spindly arms about and angrily shouting at Amonea’s Pokemon. It would have been amusing, if the mime weren’t so clearly pissed.

"Kasy! You naughty thing! I should let that Mime beat you into a Ditto for messing with it!" Amonea reprimanded, and her Pokemon just rolled her eyes as she headed for us. Cursing under her breath, the Spheal’s Trainer recalled her. At the same time, Ripper, who’d been watching with an irritated expression, now got to his feet and buzzed over. His bitten wing slowed him a bit, but most of the damage had been taken care of by the Scizor’s earlier Roosting. He came to a halt beside me as Amonea asked, "Well, you wanna battle it?"

“Hecks yeah!” I replied eagerly. I’d seen these bad boys in action several times during my stint as a Pokemon Trainer, and they were definitely among the stronger Psychic Pokemon out there. In my eyes, the likes of Alakazam and Espeon were overrated. Not that I’d pass up a chance to snag one, or even both since both species dwelled here. I just really preferred a mime. Not only that, but this was a perfect encounter. Ripper, who had a serious type advantage, was already out of his Ball. Upon hearing my reply to Amonea’s inquiry, the steel mantid moved in front of me, silently stating his readiness for another round.

“Okay buddy, let’s do this!” I said, watching Mr. Mime drew closer. “The first thing we need to do is keep it distracted so it can’t erect any barriers; that’ll make it easier for us in the long run. Ready a snakebite, but mask it with another high-speed car chase. And this time, do your car chase in the air so nothing interferes. If it looks like Mr. Mime is gonna manage to cut you off, avoid its attempt with a Quick Attack and hit it with your snakebite, whether it’s fully powered or not!”

“Zor!” Ripper exclaimed, striking his pincers together. The collision of steel upon steel caused a few sparks to jump from the Pokemon’s appendages, but they fizzled out long before reaching the grass. The insect then beat his wings and rose about a foot in the air; his injured wing hindered him from going too high. I knew it’d also make his Agility slower. To be honest, I was hoping Mr. Mime would be fooled by Ripper’s injured wing and that it would become cocky. A cocky opponent is one that’s bound to make serious mistakes in judgment, since they think themselves so much stronger than their foe.

Once in the air, Ripper relaxed his muscles and began to fly in a wide circle around Mr. Mime. At the same time, he released tendrils of invisible energy and let them sink into the ground, the grass, the flowers, the rocks. From these he leeched various acids, gathering them into a shiny orb of clear liquid that the Pokemon kept from sight with his closed pincers. The acids, bolstered by Ripper’s energy and from chemical reactions from mixing, took on the properties of a powerful toxin instead of simple weak acid. This was Ripper’s snakebite, his Toxic move.

Round and round Ripper went in the air, his form blurring, the Toxic slowly building under his command. I waited, tense, wondering what Mr. Mime would make of all this. Hopefully, its anger would help to make the thing even more reckless, and it wouldn’t even think about getting any barriers up, or, for that matter, doing anything but using direct attacks.
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