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Default Re: Park Item Extravaganzalolyeah

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
The Results :
Ayotui – Hyper Repellant
Bumblebee – Mega puffin
DarkGardevoir – Ranger’s Delight, Supreme Parkball
Dragoness – Ranger’s Delight
Eraizaa – Digital Camera Powerlens, Supreme Parkball
Medz – Ranger’s Delight, Supreme Parkball
Metallic Houndoom – 2 Mega puffins
Neltharion Deathwing – Mega puffin, Supreme Parkball, Lotad
Gold Rush – Mega puffin, 50% discount on 3 items,
Ataro – Ranger’s Delight, Supreme Parkball, Tyrogue
Spiderc – Ranger’s Delight, Supreme Parkball, Combee
Stinky – Hyper Repellant, 50% discount on 3 items, Supreme Parkball

This was kinda fun, lol. Post here to claim your stuff!

I am in and I claim my prize. Ty
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