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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Originally Posted by Lunar Latias View Post
Oh, looky, Kat. You said 'write now'. XD 'Tis funny!

And I'll be looking forward to your non-condensed ficcy. =3
Hehe, at least it wasn't some weird spelling error. :P

:3 Yay, I got somebody interested. I'm pretty psyched about it, as well. I have most of it planned, chapter by chapter. Here's a summary I wrote yesterday. Pretty vague, but I think the vagueness might piqued people's interest.

Three hundred years ago, the Pokémon World was on the brink of chaos when Kanto and Sinnoh butted heads in the Region War of 1709. The true horror was brewing above the clouds, however. Legendaries, those who ruled the Earth side by side, began to lust for power. Those who tried to stop them were hunted down. Those who saw remained silent.

Through the greed and bloodshed, Mark Antony, a young but harsh lieutenant of a Johtonian regiment, and Cleo Dario, a girl whose ancestors have been renowned for their seer abilities, meet and have promised to protect each other. Can two very different people really look out for each other, especially when the three worlds of Purgatory, Heaven, and Earth start to collapse upon each other?
- Kat

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