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Default Re: Individual RP: Dr Scott

Once Sam ordered his Houndoom to begin the battle, I gave a soft whistle to call Kilia to my side. The two of us then moved to the side, giving Sam and Houndoom plenty of room to battle the angry Minun. Houndoom's first order turned out to be Howl; the sound of it reverberated off the walls around us, making the hairs on my arms and neck stand straight up. I could hear the fleeing footfalls of Pokemon that had been coming to investigate, shaking my head a little.

"Wow, we might not be running into any other Pokemon for quite a while after THAT," I mumbled to Kilia, who nodded in agreement. She then sat down and began to wash her face much like a cat, quickly losing interest in the battle taking place before her. Despite this, I knew she'd be ready to react in an instant if need be.

After the haunting Howl ended, Sam's Pokemon moved on to his next command, spirits bolstered by his success in driving away any potential interlopers. Minun, completely unaffected by the larger Pokemon's Howl, gave an angry-sounding squeak and released a few random sparks of bright electricity. When Houndoom locked its gaze on the little mouse, Minun responded with a surprisingly vicious grin. Even when Houndoom's eyes went black and a flick of his horned head suddenly started reeling the Minun in, it didn't look startled or upset. It just keep grinning like some evil possessed little creature.

Then it did something that left me shocked. Just as Houndoom whirled and lashed out with paws and tail, Minun lunged forward with a cry. It managed to avoid Houndoom's paws, though the whip-like tail smacked it in the side. Ignoring what had to be a painfully stinging blow, Minun grabbed Houndoom's tail in its little paws and let off a series of weak sparks. These channeled down Minun's arms, through Houndoom's tail, and into the canine's body. Its attack completed, Minun released Houndoom's tail and skittered to one side, giggling as it went. Once it was a fair distance away, it stood on its back paws and spun around, rubbing its front paws together and looking horribly pleased with its Thunder Wave. Cackling like an old witch, Minun did a sort of dance as it rubbed its paws together. It didn't take long for me to realize the thnig was coming up with some kind of Nasty Plot, its Special Attack rising as it contemplated what unpleasantness to unleash on Mightyena next.



Docile Male Houndoom: 100% (Attack increased, PAR)
Minun: 77.16% (Special Attack increased)


Trainer Stats:

Name: Sam
Money: .55k
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining: 15

Pokemon Stats:
-Docile Male Houndoom (TM Sunny Day, TM Solar Beam, TM Fire Blast) <Early Bird Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]
100% (Attack increased ; PAR)

-Careful Female Sandslash (No EMs) <Sand Veil Ability>

Total Items: Park Ball x3, Super Ball x5, Hyper Ball x5
Total Pokemon Encoutered: Minun {Encounter 1}
Total Captured Pokemon: n/a
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