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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Originally Posted by Camisado View Post
Man, it took so much willpower to finish that chapter. Do you get times when, even though you want more than anything to write your story in its entirety, some chapters of it are really, really difficult to write?

It doesn't really help that I'm a perfectionist. I've been reading back through that last chapter every couple of hours since I posted it up to make sure it sounds right and that I didn't miss anything. @_@ Then I'm always wondering "is this enough for a chapter? Did I use too much dialogue? Are my descriptive paragraphs too short? Did my spellchecker skip between US and UK again?"

What do you guys aim for when you write a chapter? Sometimes when I've got a particularly difficult chapter to write, I struggle to fill three (print view) pages in my word processor with the default font...but I think it's a good minimum amount.
I can totally relate to where you're coming from. Sometimes, it's just tough to write. Writer's block happens all the time, and usually at the worst moments lol. And then, once you post something, you're worried that it might not sound right or that you overdid/underdid something. I can relate with that, but my advice would be to just chill out about it. You're never going to get it entirely perfect, and if you can't find things wrong with it after a couple looks over, then you've likely done your best. And that's what other reviewers are here for - to help us to improve and point out mistakes that we just won't see by ourselves. So don't strive too heavily for perfection, because that way, it's easy to take criticism badly. It's not your fault if you screw something up or misspell a word or use a comma when you don't need to. Those kinds of things happen to the best of writers. That's why you have other people to point them out for you, because you just might not see them yourself.

Hope that helps :) And as far as length goes, I think three pages is a great minimum amount! I usually write 10-15 page chapters, but that's because I like book-size chapters and I generally end up having a lot more to write about the events of that chapter than I originally expected O_O I don't set a limit, minimum or maximum, for length. I just go with the flow. Hey, the first chapter for my fic was only about half a post long, and my recent chapters have been three to five posts long lol. It varies from writer to writer so I wouldn't worry too much about length, as long as you get the point across, relay the events that you want to happen in the chapter clearly, and it is well-writeen. It's about quality, not quantity. :)
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