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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Man, it took so much willpower to finish that chapter. Do you get times when, even though you want more than anything to write your story in its entirety, some chapters of it are really, really difficult to write?

It doesn't really help that I'm a perfectionist. I've been reading back through that last chapter every couple of hours since I posted it up to make sure it sounds right and that I didn't miss anything. @_@ Then I'm always wondering "is this enough for a chapter? Did I use too much dialogue? Are my descriptive paragraphs too short? Did my spellchecker skip between US and UK again?"

What do you guys aim for when you write a chapter? Sometimes when I've got a particularly difficult chapter to write, I struggle to fill three (print view) pages in my word processor with the default font...but I think it's a good minimum amount.

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