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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Sam
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Sam is can seem oblivious and sometimes acts like a klutz, but she is rather clever. She prefers to come up with complex ways of doing everything, and tends to waste time doing it. Often her plans backfire and she ends up looking like a total fool.
Description: Sam is around 5'3". She is always wearing a blue shirt; sometimes different shades of blue, but always blue. She usually has cargo pants with many pockets that hold many varying items. Her shoes are simple running shoes. Her light brown hair reaches her shoulders, but is often tied up.

Items: 7 Parkballs, 4 Superball, 5 Repels
Previous RPs:
CAUGHT: Sandshrew Dugtrio Houndour

Charmeleon [M]- Hardy
Charmeleon has been with Sam for a while, and the two of them are really good friends. Though Charmeleon has a tendency to rush into danger, Sam usually manages to come up with a way to use that to their advantage.
Tropius (Sheila) [F]- Quiet
Serious and quiet, Sheila enjoys being with Sam and will do her best to please her, although she dislikes battling.
Dratini [F]- Gentle
Dratini is very kind and mild, and loves to help out in any way. She tends to be peaceful and is generally a pacifist, but surprisingly doesn't really mind battling.
Sandshrew [M]- Quirky
Sandshrew is still a little scared of Charmeleon, despite all his efforts to be friends, and is often scared by more powerful opponents. He often chews on his foot for seemingly no reason, even in the middle of battles. He loves to surprise Sam by adding extra moves into combos, or doing moves weirdly, and always tries to add something he thinks will help.
Dugtrio [F]- Naughty
Dugtrio likes to play tricks on people, especially Sam, even now that she is her Pokemon. She isn't liked much by most of the other Pokemon, especially Sandshrew, who she often picks on, and Charmeleon, who always stands up for him.
Houndour [M]- Relaxed
Houndour doesn't like to have to think about much. He doesn't mind battling, as long as its not complicated. He would be perfectly content to just sleep all day.
Bellsprout [F]- Jolly
Bellsprout is always happy, even if she is losing a battle. She always tries to keep others happy, and will sometimes do so at expense of a battle.

Excuse me do you have a little girls room?
We used to, but we let them all go!

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