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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Saundry XD. Also, is this Mighty or Poochy? Mighty has red eyes; Poochy has yellow, and gray fur. I'll treat this as a Mighty and if it's Poochy, I'll edit appropriately.


IC: Saundra Black
Meteor Valley

"Walking will be fine, Miss Blake." I nodded cherrily, and the two of us started walking down the worn trail towards the beautiful expanse that was Meteor Valley. I listened as Amonea told me about the Park's history, about the valley, and other stuff. I absorbed it all and replied when appropriate, but mostly just listened.

We reached the valley floor with no problem. Amonea paused when she saw two sticks leaning against a tree not to far away, which looked like they'd be great as walking staffs. Amonea seemed to think the same thing and went over to them, turning to apparently offer me one as I followed her. Then she froze, and I turned my head to follow her gaze. What I saw made me grimace just a little.

A medium-sized dog Pokemon was sniffing around a few yards away. Its back and sides were covered in coarse black fur, while the rest of its pelt was thick and ash gray in color. Its tail was swaying from side to side as it snuffled at the ground, its large, black ears twitching this way and that. It was slowly making its way onto the path, at which point it suddenly halted and looked over at us. It had dark, blood-red eyes, and for a long moment it simply stared at us. Then the wolf let out a shrill howl, which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

"Mightyena. Be careful! They can be..protective," Amonea said in a soft voice. I was getting ready to say something witty in response when the Pokemon before us growled aggressively, then charged at me with sudden and unnerving speed. "Get out a Pokemon now or move!" Amonea shouted, and I didn't need to be told twice. Yelping, I danced back several paces and reached into my fanny-hip-pack thingy, grabbing out a PokeBall and flinging it into the air. It spun several times before snapping open to reveal Ripper, my trusty Scizor.

"Ripper, Protect!" I ordered; the bulky red mantis didn't have time to prepare or execute any kind of counterattack. Heck, he might not even have time to get a shield up. Undaunted by the sudden release from his Ball or my hasty command, Ripper raised both arms and crossed them before his face. As I held my breath and hoped for the best, my eyes flicked to the long stick still leaning against the tree. Maybe that would come in handy...But first I had to see how this first round played out...
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