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Default Trials Participant Reward Office

Trials Participant Reward Office

Lol, reward office.

Anyways, this is for people who took part in the Park Trial runs, both for the normal RPs and for Harry’s Missions. Everyone who took part in one or the other shall get a Common Mon of your choice. Everyone who took part in BOTH Trials can claim any Uncommon Mon.

Just so it’s clear, the following people can claim Pokemon:

-Pichu Boy- (Common Mon) Pichu
Spiderc (Common Mon) Poliwag
Nyurgh (Common Mon) Nincada
Brainiac (Common Mon)
Ayra Calaenlen (Common Mon)
Shen (Common Mon) Nidoran M
Metallic Houndoom (Common Mon) Machop
Luke39 (Common Mon) Poliwag
Yoda (Common Mon)
Harry (Common Mon) No Mon
Me (Common Mon) Nincada

DarkGardevoir (Uncommon Mon) Tropius
Eraizaa-kun (Uncommon Mon) Buneary
Poke123 (Uncommon Mon)
Lusitania (Uncommon Mon) Sneasel
Dragoness (Uncommon Mon) Abra
Redino (Uncommon Mon) Abra

Also, the following people get Common Mon for helping with the Park in its planning stages:

Trainer17 Rattata
RocketMeowth Magby

Please post here stating which Mon you’re going to be taking. Anyone who's not on this list but took part in either/both trials, post a link to the trial(s) you were in and once you're approved, you can claim the Mon you're entitled to.

You can add the Mon to your stats and begin using it as soon as myself or another staff member approves your choice.


I'll start this off by choosing Nincada as my Common Mon.
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