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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Saundra Blake
Meteor Valley

Wow, it'd been sunny and warm when I'd boarded the ferry to bring me to the Park. That had changed after about twenty minutes, when storm clouds had sprung up out of nowhere and unleashed a nasty torrent of rain. Unfortunately, the small lodgings had all been full by this point, so with a few others, I'd had to stand outside and get drenched. Ah well. I'd skipped my morning shower anyways, hahaha.

We arrived at the dock about half an hour later, and I gratefully rushed off the ferry onto solid land. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind boats or anything. But when the sky is storming and the sea is pitching a small fit, I'd rather be on terra firma than floating around like a bath toy in a really big bathtub.

I headed inside after another young woman, with long purple hair and an all-black outfit, waved for me to come in. I flashed a grateful smile and bustled past her, trying not to feel bad about dripping all over the shining tile floor. I'd already filled out all the needed papers, not having wanted to deal with it when I arrived, and the young woman who'd motioned for me to come in smiled at me. It looked forced, though, and upon closer inspection I noticed that the woman looked uneasy about something.

After greeting me, the young woman explained a few house rules. Apparently, she was to be my Ranger. I nodded and grinned like an idiot, hoping my untroubled and friendly nature would help the other loosen up a bit. Oh, and I grinned stupidly because she'd called me pretty. Not that I didn't hear that a lot, but I figured I must look like a drowned rat right about now. It was nice to learn that wasn't the case. Either that or my Ranger was just trying to be nice and not comment on my soaked appearance.

We headed outside and climbed into some sort of modified gold-cart thingy, and soon we were off towards my destination of choice, Meteor Valley. I was musing about what kind of Pokemon I might encounter when my Ranger suddenly started speaking, startling me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry, I wasn't being well mannered. I am Ranger Amonea,” she said, offering a natural smile this time. I grinned back in answer, glad to see that the other woman seemed to be relaxing. Maybe she didn’t like storms or something, and that was why she’d been bummed out.

We traveled the rest of the way in silence, me gazing out at the surroundings as they went by. I didn’t really notice how long it took to reach the valley, I was so caught up in taking everything in. I only realized we’d arrived when Amonea parked the cart thingy and shut it off. I stared around, then my gaze was drawn to the sprawling valley stretched out below us. I ogled for a moment, completely dumbfounded by the beauty. Either the people who dealt with landscaping were REALLY good at their job, or Nature had become a master landscaper herself. Either way, the scene was, to cite an overworked cliché, breathtaking.

"Miss. Blake," Amonea suddenly breathed, obviously as taken by the view as I was. "Welcome to Meteor Valley. We can try and take the cart down, at least partway. Or we can walk it, though the Valley is miles long. If your not planning on staying long though..."

“You’re stuck with me for the long run,” I replied as another grin broke across my face. Geez, I was a smilin’ fool today. I giddily leapt from the cart and sucked in a deep breath through my nose. The air was heavy with the fresh scent of rain, and the ground beneath my feet was springy and just slightly squishy from the earlier downpour. I didn’t know how many Pokemon would be about after the rain, but I had my suspicions that those living in this area would be quite active after a good shower. Then again, maybe not. I’d just have to go down and see.

“Let’s get started then, shall we?” I asked, looking over at the pink-haired Ranger. I motioned towards the valley below us and added, “I’d prefer walking down, but if you’d rather we can take the cart down as far as possible.”


OOC: I forgot a Pokemon in my application, so I'll go edit it real quick ^^'.
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