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Default National Park Statistics - F.D.

Name: Nicholas "Nick" Matthews

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Nick is generally a happy person, who is always up for a challenge. He is scared of larger Pokémon if they do not belong to him. His favorite Pokémon are small and cute ones that look weak, but can battle rather well. However he also uses are variety of other Pokémon that are skilled in both battling and contests.

Description: Nick is 5 foot 7 and he usually wears a lime-green t-shirt and light-blue shorts, however, when it's cold he wears a black hoody and jeans. He has brown, medium length hair with a fringe that stretches just over his eyes. He is rather fit and strong.

Pokemon Captured: N/A

Pokemon Natures:
Shiftry (James) - Calm
Raichu (Ryoichi) - Brave

4 x Super Balls
5 x Park Balls
1 x Full Heal
2 x Super Potion

~ Nick .

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