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Default Re: Front Gate

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
Name: Sean Marshall
Entrance Fee: $3,000
Location: Mt. Okotori
*Style: Main RP
Extra Pokemon Permit: 2 please.
Total Money: $7,000
Total Cost: 7k - 4k = 3k ^_^
Change: See above post
Total Items: Hyper Ballx5, Super Ballx6, Pokedollx2, Max Potion, Full Healx2

Pokemon: Ditto
Nickname: Nyurgh
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Limber
Nature: Sassy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: It's a Ditto, silly

Pokemon: Infernape
Nickname: Napetaro
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Grass Knot, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Will-o-Wisp, U-Turn, Swords Dance, Thunderpunch

Pokemon: Rotom-W
Nickname: Washtom
Gender: None
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Lonely
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HP Ground, Will-o-Wisp, Light Screen

Pokemon: Torterra
Nickname: Turtan
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Jolly

I'm really sorry, but you are stuck with me as your Ranger.

Alright, alright. I'll get the encounters approved first, then I'll post in the main RP.

Do remember to edit your sign up post to add these 4 Pokemon to it. = )
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