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Default Park Item Extravaganzalolyeah

In regards to the "re-opening" of the National Park, I hereby announce an Event; Park Item Extravaganzalolyeah on AIM. I'm sure you guys are sick of the Items in the Park Shop and the money you have to pay for such garbage. Which is why I'm hosting this. So what do you exactly get?

-Event Only Items (Items which are not sold in the Park Shop, making them very elusive, hard to get and a must have for every Trainer wishing to rule around the Park)

-Upgraded Items (Some partial stuff which provide as add-ons to the current available items in the Park)

-Discount vouchers(Different kinds, up to 50% off @ the Park Shop/Get a random Freebie/etc; one time use)

For spoiler sake, and a preview of what you might get;

- Supreme Park Ball (Works way better than a Hyper Ball)
- Hyper Repellent (repels all basic Pokemon)
- Ranger's Delight [three time uses](Fully heals your Pokemon and cures their status')
- Digital Camera Power Lens[add on; two time uses](Take a picture of a Common/Uncommon to give them the "blind eye"; they can NEVER escape, despite whatever circumstances arrive)
- Mega Puffin [One time use](Attracts 1 Uncommon/Intermediate/Rare Pokemon)

and some others!

Although, to take part, you must have signed up at the National Park. That's the only rule I'm emphasizing on. Simply, this event won't benefit those who don't RP in the Park anyways.

Day of Event : 19 September 09(Saturday)
Time : -Not decided yet-
Chat Name : -Not decided yet-

Discussions/Questions or etc(pertaining to this Event) may commence here. However, don't go out of topic/spam please.

Approved by :

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