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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Shane Richards
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Personality: You know those people that just don't give up on anything that they do, no matter what the odds? Yup, that's Shane.
Even if he's facing up against a three-headed dragon, with nothing but his hands, he'll fight to the death. Of course, this leads him
into very dangerous situations, some he can't possibly get out of. He usually is very unorganised, so does whatever he does without any plans.
He is also friendly and easy to be around, but usually doesn't like to take charge of things. He loves nature and all Pokemon.

Description: This Guy
Shane is 6'1", has blue eyes and scruffy blond hair. A lot of his clothes are usually black skinny jeans, with either a black, white or red t-shirt. His hair's fringe comes to the end of his nose, covering his eyes, so he sweeps it across his face.

Pokemon Caught: None
Park Items: Super Ballsx3
Pokemon & Natures:

Vaporeon | Boy | Modest
Details: Vaporeon was given to Shane as an Eevee, his starter. Vaporeon doesn't like to think of himself as being overly important to the team.
However, the other members see differently, as he has a large variety of attacks to use, both attacking and defensive.
These come in handy in almost every battle. Favourite Moves: Acid Armor, Signal Beam, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring

Electivire | Boy | Hardy
Details: Electivire is the healthy one on the team. He works out daily to keep his body fit and in perfect condition.
Doing this gives him an advantage of being incredibly tough, and endure physical pains easily. Favourite Moves: Earthquake, Giga Impact, Thunderbolt

Saphira | Girl | Naughty
Details: Plainly put, Saphira is always getting into trouble, or causing it. She loves playing jokes and messing around with other Pokemon. This also shows in her battles, as she enjoys watching her enemies become frustrated. Favorite Moves: Dragon Dance, Protect, Outrage, Fly

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