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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Hallo Humanity! ^^

Name: Ranger Eli

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: He's a nice happy caring person that's highly optimistic and always tries to do his best. A goodie-two-shoes basically, although he has a sneaky side. However, he's also very serious about his job and behind his smile he's actually looking about for anything that might upset the balance of the Park, especially Pokemon Trainers.

Description: 5'8" tall, messy black hair, tanned skin, chubby (but not fat) and dark brown eyes. He wears blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a light gray jacket with the National Park's symbol on it.

Pokemon Natures:

Nancy (F) - Jolly

Belle (F) - Calm

Galateah (F) - Na´ve

Esteban (M) - Careful

Rita (F) - Impish

Lilly (F) - Mild

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