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Default Re: Nature versus Nurture

Originally Posted by Dakota
Umm...I don't know what your problem is, but I was just stating my case, whereas you feel the need to ad hominem your way through it without adding anything to the debate at all.
My my, aren't we feisty -_-. First of all, I'd hardly call what you said a case. Saying ignorant and just plain untrue things isn't exactly case-worthy. I don't mean to turn this into a "why are people gay" debate - but I'm sure we can all agree that it is NOT as simple as you put it.
Second, I didn't want to participate in this debate because I already know how it will end eventually, so why should I bother? All of the posters will bring up some good points, and eventually it will be concluded that the domincance of either factor really differs per case >> temper and intelligence are based on genes ( nature ) for the greater part, whereas the wish to give to charity, for example, is based on the environment you were raised in (nurture).

And I said that you will always be the physical gender that you are born as. I also added that people my try to change their sex by acting like the opposite sex, but they will always ultimately be the gender that they were born.
People who "act like the opposite sex" - let's say, transvestites - are fully aware of the fact that their actual sex hasn't changed :\. They're not retarted you know. Transexuals(something different) tend to get actual sex changes, through surgery. Granted, genewise these people would still be their old gender, but what does biological gender matter if one feels like the other?

Then you should reword your question. And the title of this thread O_o
How o the words nature and nurture imply that this debate is about gender-related issues o_O?.

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