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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Lloyd Irving
Game: Tales of Symphonia
How to unlock: Finish Boss Mode on Hard with 10 characters
Special Attacks:
B: Double Demon Fang-Lloyd swipes his sword twice and sends two shock waves.
Side B: Hunting Beast- Lloyd slams into the target creating a blue lion's head image. Then he flips into the air and drops to the ground with enough creating a shock wave that knocks down all enemies around him.
Up B: Psi Tempest- Lloyd jumps forward spinning with hi swords out. He moves forward while harming any enemies in the way..
Down B: Sonic Sword Rain- Lloyd jabs quickly with his swords multiple times then jabs once hard, knocking the enemy back.

Lloyd gets his wings. He gains the ability to fly, and his swords form the Eternal Sword. He is much more powerful in this form. Lasts the normal length for other smashes like that (not sure how long that is.)

Taunts: Up- Throws his swords up spinning, catches them and sheaths them
Down- Thrusts his swords up and forms the Eternal Sword.

Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Nobel Costume, Pirate Costume, Beach Costume

I love Lloyd. By the way, he'd have the Material Blades

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