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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Mind as well get this done with...

Name: Bob Miller
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Bob is pretty much a boring person. He doesn't act out or say anything outrageous, he just goes with the flow of things. He is very quiet, not often saying anything in a group situation. Bob isn't a very aggressive person, and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Bob doesn't have a temper, often staying cool even in a heated situation.
Description: Bob is about 5'9", and is neither chubby nor is he super skinny, falling somewhere healthily in between. He has brown hair, cut short to his head, and brown eyes. Bob prefers to wear a dark gray fleece jacket zipped up partially over a navy blue shirt, with dark blue jeans. Often times slung over his back is a forest green backpack, which he carries his items. If one could pick a word to describe Bob's appearance, they would definitely say "average".
National Park Items: Type Repellent x3; Hyper Ball x2; Park Ball x9; Hyper Repellant; Pokeplayer; Ferroseed Voice Disk ; Baby Teeth
Pokemon Natures: Togekiss (Gentle) ; Bronzong (Jolly) ; Yanmega (Jolly)
Pokemon Captured: Wobbuffet (Quirky) ; Absol (Rash) ; Sneasel (Rash) ; Tyrogue (Brave) ; Ferroseed (Bold) ; Durant (Naive) ; Deerling (Timid)


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