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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

Yet another double-post!

Just to make sure everyone's aware of this, if anyone bought items from the old Shop that are no longer available, you may return those items for a refund. Items that are no longer available:

Type Pokeradar
Pokeradar Deluxe

They can be returned for the following amounts:

Pokeradar: 5,000
Type Pokeradar: 2,500
Pokeradar Deluxe: 8,000
Honey: 2,000

Also, if you purchased specialty Balls (such as Lure Balls), you may trade them in for an equal amount of regular Park Balls.

Post in the Shop thread if you're returning items. All returns will be checked to make sure no one cheats, and anyone caught doing so will have an amount equal to what they were trying to claim subtracted from their current money.

Also, for anyone who feels they purchased too many of something before, you may, ONE TIME ONLY, return current Park items. However, they will be for half-price. I don't want anyone trying to get lots of money by returning everything they bought the first time around.

EDIT: If you bought the items when the half-price sale was going on, then the Pokeradars/Honey only give you back WHAT YOU SPENT, not the full price. Current items will be returned for half the price you bought them at, not their full price.
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