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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

Originally Posted by Dragoness View Post
Yeah! Well, yeah to meeting ourselves...not losing an arm. I imagine that would be rather painful o.O
But you see, that's the power of paradoxes. If you're the past self, by deciding you won't meet yourself later, you won't lose an arm because it never happened- or will happen, tenses always get muddy with this timey-wimey ball of... stuff.

Even if you do meet yourself, you can sto your past self before he/she can do anything that would cripple you, since you know it would happen.

However, you must be sure you are the future, or past version of yourself, because it wouldn't be nice to beat up- or prevent from doing something- yourself, only for your attempt to backfire spectacularly because you weren't there to stop yourself again.

Geez... It's just me, or I've started running in circles?
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