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- Your Name: Griff4815
- Stories: Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place
- A caring, rookie, teenage trainer is partnered with a stubborn, rebellious and independant Treecko on his quest to beat the eight Hoenn gyms. He finds out that he'll get more than he bargained for.
-Rated 14A for realistic violence and some gore, swearing, mature themes and the occasional dirty joke.
-Genre: Adventure/trainer/character-driven drama/suspense
Status: On this forum, Chapter 9 in being worked on.

Victory or Death
- A pacifistic Beedrill part of an assault squadron in his regimented, militaristic hive is thrust into battle for the first time. Retreat is not an option.
- Rated 15A for Violence and gore, and mature themes.
- Genre: War/Drama/Tragedy
Status: Completed, but unposted so far.
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My fic: Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place
One Shot:Victory or Death
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