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Default Re: National Park Sign Up


Name: Sam

Age: 16

Gender: M

Personality: A younger trainer who prides himself upon trying everything to do with Pokémon at least once, whether that be leading a battle blindfolded or training and entering his Pokémon into sports competitions. Impatient, he moves on to other things quickly, as is proven obvious by the fact that he gave up the gym badge chase because it was proving ‘too long and boring of a task.’ Still, this has given him a wealth of information and experience to draw from.

When it comes to his Pokémon, he sees them as good friends or family and fellow adventurers. When in battle he takes a more hands on approach for newer additions, but usually allows his older Pokémon to instinctually react or choose the best response and only offers his suggestions when there’s a break or if he has a good strategy brewing inside his skull.

Description: Picture

Pokemon Captured: -

Pokemon Natures: -

Park Items: Park Ball x3, Hyper Ball x5, Ultra Ball x5



Name: Honcho (Alias known by other Rangers)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: A strange man by many respects, Honcho is just another mystery surrounding the Park and he seems to prefer to keep it that way. He was discovered relatively recently alone in the Park itself, apparently not a member of either the government’s list of authorized personnel or even Farnsworth’s old list, and though he was questioned multiple times no one could get any pertinent information out of him. Or, they could, but he changed his story each time he was asked so that no one is sure exactly what the truth is, if the truth has indeed even been said yet. However, one thing is obvious, and that is that the individual knows a great many things that he shouldn’t be privy to and no one can ascertain how he discovered the information.

After quite a few attempts to ship Honcho to Kanto to both keep him away from the Park and to try to find out how he knows what he knows, security found that they just couldn’t get rid of him. Every time they tried he managed to slip back onto the island. A few times they sent him on his way, thinking the man gone, only to find him in some random part of the Park, simply walking along a path or feeding a local Zubat. The last few times he came back with something of a bang; the most recent of which he led a small group of Spinark's through the female's restroom.

Finally they gave up, and decided that it was best just to leave him where he was before someone ended up getting hurt. Some young, ambitious official decided to put the mysterious figure’s knowledge of the Park to the staff’s benefit, hiring him on after a psych evaluation determined him as not a threat as long as they kept him on the island.

What became clear when Honcho started his duties and interacted with the other Rangers was that he cherished his new position with a surprising passion. Trainers under his care never really got to know the man, though, because he loves to act and constantly has his Ditto form over him so he can assume different forms, names, and even change his personality.

Description: Picture

Known Pokémon:

Ted the Loyal Ditto
Izzy the Loveable Ursaring
Jennifer Dylan (JD) the Sadistic Pachirisu
Doug the Stalking Diglett

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