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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Rastapopulous

Age: He lies about it so much, even he himself does not always remember. (He looks to be about his later 20's.)

Gender: Male

Personality: A bit jaded, Rastapopulous is addicted to lying. He often finds himself stretching the truth even when it is not in his own benefit. He does not consider himself a bad person, and often does not realize when his lying affects those around him. He is, however, very friendly at times, and is not afraid to speak his mind. Often stubborn, but will acquiesce when pushed or prodded. He is not always viewed as trustworthy, for obvious reasons, but his lying habits are never blatantly obvious to those around him.

Description: Tall, with a strong build. About 140 pounds, but it fluctuates. He is, more often than not, found wearing a small cowboy hat, stretching out just far enough to cast a shadow to the bridge of his nose; a rough brown jacket along with it. Worn out jeans and brown running shoes round out the getup. He keeps large, black sunglasses resting from his pocket, but rarely puts them on.

Special Skills: He is a skilled gambler (oxymoron?), and knows how to play the odds. He reads a person's face very well, and can asses situations calmly.

7Park Balls, 5Super Balls, 3Hyper Ball, 5 Max Potions, 5 Full Heals, Pokeplayer (Sneasel and Riolu Discs)

Near: Brizer, I NEED YOU ...damnit. Wow that sounded pretty gay
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