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Name: KantoChamp46

I've only written one fanfic so far, but it's an ongoing, probably going to be long, chaptered fiction, so... yeah. I'm not really up to writing the other ideas I have right now. =P Kinda new here, but figured I'd put this up so maybe this story gets more attention and so I can keep updating if I write anything new.

Title: Pokemon: Becoming a Master
Progress: Currently on Chapter 10
Rating: PG13 I don't know if I'm going to be using any material to warrant such a high rating, but there are some ideas I have which, if used, may warrant such a rating. At the point where it is currently, it's basically only PG. =)
Genre: Trainer/Adventure/Character-driven Drama
Summary: A 16 year-old boy, Hayden, and his older sister, Klaire, start off their Pokemon Journey from Pallet Town, Hayden picking Bulbasaur and Klaire picking Charmander. What starts off as a typical trainer story with humble beginnings soon develops into a much larger and grander adventure, involving both battling for the Pokemon League title and fighting against the most vicious and terrifying villains the Pokemon World has ever seen.
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