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Character Name: Robert Sharpas


Age: 22

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Skills: Swordplay. Basically great with swords. He started out with fencing, and then continued to real blades. I'll go over this more in my history.

Equipment: One falchion (in a sheath slung over his back, going horizontal in the middle of the two katanas), and two katana (slung over the back in an X). Also, the three spikes that he has on his left shoulder are detachable and able to be re-inserted and used as projectiles or daggers; though they work best as a piercing weapon. Also, the large metal arm braces itself can be used as a blunt object. Description:
^Pretend there are two sheaths in an x over his back, and another one going down the middle of them, that one is where he puts the falchion when not useing it. And at his side is a rapier, complete with a fancy hilt :)

Robert stands at about 6’4”, and has dark red hair. It falls to around his neck, and curls around his head at some points. He wears a tight skinned long sleeved shirt, and then at the hands gloves. Over his left arm he wears a bracer with a trio of loosely attached throwing knives in the form of red spikes. He wears brown slacks with a leather belt and two fashionable leather rings around his leg (although they don’t do anything to degenerate his movement). At his hip he has a sheath in which he holds his falchion, and at his neck, a ragged cape, which swirls around him and gives him an intimidating look. On his back (positioned in a way it isn’t hindered by the rag draped over him) are two katana in sheaths.

Personality: Robert is very strong willed and, as some may put it, defiant. He doesn’t like to respect authority and has many problems with following orders. He likes to do things ‘his own way’ as he likes to do it; this basically means doing it the way he sees fit. When angered, he will basically throw caution to the wind and flat out attack the ‘target’ and try to kill it. As he puts it ‘If you stab something in the head enough times, it’s guaranteed to die’.

But despite these qualities, Robert has an innate sense of justice. He will always fight for what is right, well, at least in his eyes, and doesn’t let anything go; whether it be an evil villain or a petty thief. He will try to kill it to the best of his abilities, and will beat himself up about it if he fails. Altogether, he forms the perfect rebel, someone who will fight for the right things but doesn’t always do the right things to get there.

History: Robert never had a wonderful childhood, and he is grateful for that; it helped him become the rough around the edges person he is today. He was born small and premature, a full two and a half weeks before the scheduled time. In addition to this, his mother died in the emergency surgery they had to do to get him out of the womb. The anesthetic wore off just as they took the premature baby out and due to the shock and pain of being completely alert and cut open, she had a heart attack and died.

His father was a drunk and a gambler, repeatedly throwing away the small amount of money he got from his job as a lowly paid intern at a police station. Once they found that he had these problems, they immediately cut him loose, leaving him with a one and a half year old son, drinking and gambling problems, and no job.

Soon enough, the government seized Robert from his clutches, and sent him to rehab. Robert was sent nurtured by a motherly government agent who had taken it upon herself to adopt the young infant. She was murdered in a terrorist attack on the Sinnoh government building when Robert was five.

After that, he was sent to a foster home. He stayed there for two years, and discovered what probably was the sole reason he became a master of swordsplay in the first place; stick battling. The older children of the foster home (about eleven or twelve) would find decent sized sticks in the yard of the large home, pretend they were swords, and ‘duel’ with them. Robert viewed this from afar, and when he was six, decided to play.

He grabbed a stick, jumped in one of the duels, and left it with the other two boys covered in bruises. He played this for six months before it was finally banned by the owner of the home. During this stint, he had become champion of Dueling and was the youngest ever champion; this was where he earned his nickname ‘Slice’.

Eight months later, when he was seven, a wealthy but not rich couple came to the home and adopted Robert. He voiced his interest in swordsmanship after watching the Olympics Fencing Division and they got him fencing lessons, eventually deciding to let him use real blades at about thirteen.. He practiced on dummies with a falchion and two katana, as well as a rapier.

At sixteen, he was drafted into the police force, using only a special arm brace that held three daggers and doubled as a club, his blades, and his Staraptor (which he had gotten for his twelfth birthday as a Starly). He immediately soared high in the positions.

Pokemon: Staraptor (Brave nature), Swampert (Hardy), Butterfree (Gentle)
Other: When stressed, he pulls out the falchion and goes over the sides of it with his hands.

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