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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
Well, I guess it's too bad that I'm not a masochist. :(
I lol'ed XD.

Also, I've finished editing the threads I was gonna edit. If people want to, they can begin posting SUs and buying Shop items in preparation for the Park. If Ryan doesn't have the boards running in about a week, I'll go ahead and open the Park anyways. Then I'll do all the thread moving and stuff after the boards have been made. Keep in mind that THE PARK IS NOT YET OPEN!!! I'm just letting people get a head-start on getting ready for when the Park does open.


EDIT: I just read something (can't say where) and actually, there's one other thing that needs to happen before the Park can open. I'm not worried about it, but if it takes longer than a week I'll have to wait to open the Park. Just a heads-up, in case things take a little longer than planned ^^.
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