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Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Or we just go by how Smogon says it. If a slower mon is Trick'd a Choice Item, it's stuck with the move it uses. Simples.
I'm guessing you didn't see what happened in the vid. The intent of the Trick before JoM pointed this out to me and others was when you got KOd to Trick Scarf the KOing mon and have it stuck with that previous move.


Poke A killed Poke B with lets say flamethrower. Poke C replaces Poke B and since it's faster uses Trick, but Poke A didn't want to use flamethrower, rather hidden power or something. Instead of being stuck on flamethrower, after it attacks, it'll be stuck on hidden power. Not as effective as encore but it's a cheaper was of it really.

And if there's one thing I've learned from URPG and how a move is decided, it always goes:
Games > Smogon > Other sources

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