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Default Re: Nature versus Nurture

Originally Posted by Seven
Am I the only one who finds this funny, ignorant, and just plain sad at the same time?

* - as if anyone still reads OD - *
Umm...I don't know what your problem is, but I was just stating my case, whereas you feel the need to ad hominem your way through it without adding anything to the debate at all.

The question was

Are humans more prominently defined by their genetics or the environment in which they were raised in.
And I said that you will always be the physical gender that you are born as. I also added that people my try to change their sex by acting like the opposite sex, but they will always ultimately be the gender that they were born.

Originally Posted by Finglonger
and dakota youre missing the point entirely..this is not about gender issues, but if you want to make it one then discuss the drives that prompt you to have gender confusion issues.
Then you should reword your question. And the title of this thread O_o
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