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Default Re: New Sinnoh Dub Titles

Originally Posted by The Burmy View Post
I think he was trying to quote what Calypso posted, but failed at doing it.
Yeah, I don't think it was intentional. He did, however, break the four word rule, and contributed nothing to the thread. And I'm not even going to express my disdain for the word "sik".

New titles:

DP125: Battling a Cute Drama
DP126: Classroom Training

DP125 is scheduled to air on Sepember 26th, and features a trainer who favours only Pokemon she considers cute. This angers Dawn, who challenges her to a battle.
Animation by Izumi Shimuru.

The latter features Ash and co. arriving in Snowpoint City. There, they meet Candice, the city Gym Leader, who shows them the local Trainers' School. Airs on October 3rd, animation by Kazue Kinoshita.


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