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Default Re: Freshman Friday

Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post
We Texans rock. :)

I never heard of Freshman Friday, although it may be because the freshman in our district have their own (and may I say, nicer, much more sanitary) campus. 'Course, I heard of male, freshman band students getting shoved into their lockers when marching season rolls around, although I have yet to see that. xD

- Kat
Yeah, I know a lot of people in band, and so when they all tell the same stories about freshman kids being pushed around, you begin to believe it's true.

Also, yeah, a similar situation went down in my school district. A new school just opened, and though there are only about 600 Freshmen and Sophomores there, the plan is for all of them to go to that school, and everyone else goes to the one I've been going to. Whatever this Freshman Friday is, I don't think it's bee syndicated all too well...>_>
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