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Default Re: Corruption in URPG Head


Black Hawk vs. -Adam-

No Helds
Normal Terrain
Sleep Clause

BH with Metagross, Gengar, Tyranitar
Adam with Swampert, Tyranitar, Infernape

BH did some cool stuff and still won even though Focus Blast missed because DDTar is a pimp.

BH wins and gets $1000
Adam loses and gets $500

Jr should get $1500 for reffing.

PiEaNdChIpS678 (10:48:49 PM): I found one
Mikey94028 (10:49:14 PM): is that
Mikey94028 (10:49:17 PM): who I think it is
husnainisme (10:49:25 PM): wailord
Mikey94028 (10:49:29 PM): o
Mikey94028 (10:49:34 PM): I thought it was dead
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