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Default Re: ManiZach Fat thread Events and shiny EV'd

Mew ID: 60510 Nature: Timid
Celebi ID: 60623 Nature: Modest
Jirachi ID: 60731 Nature: Bashful

Red Metagross(jp) ID: 02109 Nature: Brave

Pokemon Festa New!

Electabuzz ID: 11256 Nature: Naughty
Magmar ID: 11256 Nature: Quiet
Metang ID: 02005 Nature: Sassy

Misc. Pokemon JP

WCS: Milotic ID: 10128 Nature: Timid


Absol ID: 00010 Nature: Sassy
Suicune Nature: Lax
Entei Nature: Serious
Raikou Nature: Hardy
Charizard Nature: Sassy
Blastoise Nature: Mild
Thyplosion Nature: Timid
Zapdos Nature: Naive
Moltres Nature: Naughty
Dragonite Nature: Serious
Espeon Nature: Hasty
Blaziken Nature: Hasty
Tyranitar Nature: Hasty
Alakazam Nature: Quirky
Bulbasaur Nature: Gentle
Latias Nature: Basful
Latios Nature: Bold
Pikachu Nature: Brave
Umbreon Nature: Sassy

10 Jahre

Arktos Nature: Lax


Ho-oh ID: 06227 Nature: Quirky
Lugia Nature: Lax
Raikou Nature: Adamant
Entei Nature: Adamant
Latias Nature: Bashful

can i get all these pokemon for the smae number of pokemon form my thread
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