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Default Re: DF's Trades - New: EV'd Shiny Salamence!

Hey mate.

I am interested in your Totodile lv5 (with egg moves)

and either your shiny salamence EV'd
the Milotic Ev'd

I can trade you
lv 100 Mewtwo
lv 100 Kyogre
lv 100 Blaziken

if none of those are ones you want

I have
lv 85 Luxray
lv 91 Blastoise
lv 85/86 (Not so sure) Raikou

2 for 2
I wnt 2 of the three i said above... preferably the shiny salamence and
then either of the others.

My only request is if u could EV Train the Totodile.
I dnt mind if u cant but it wud really help :)

Reply soon.
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