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Default My trade shop. Event pokemon and legends.

Legit Adamant shiny Gyarados
Anything with Pokerus (sp?)
Legit Jolly Yanmega
Groudon (any, need for pokedex)
Manaphy (any)
Phione (any)
Primape, adamant nature shiny or not.
EV'd Tyranitar, prefer Adamant
Legit Toys R Us Mew Lv 27, OT/Mystry Hardy Nature
Barley touched lv. 40 latias Hasty nature
10 aniv raikou lv 73 Gentile nature
a bunch of Starters, Various natures
10 ANIV Typhlosion, lv 81 bold nature

Thanks! I'll pm my code if anyone wants to trade.
Soul Silver FC: 4941 9255 8816
Pearl FC:5155 7191 2509

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