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Default Miscellaneous

VII. Miscellaneous

The following is additional info and tips to help Rangers and Trainers alike when it comes to dealing with situations in the Park


If a Trainer takes an Apricorn Box in their Expedition there is a 20% chance of finding an Apricorn after every encounter, both Capture and Fleeing. There are 5 different types of corns, so a 5-sided die would be rolled to determine what kind is found; Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, and White.

Apricorns can be redeemed at the Park Shop for special Park Balls. These balls are specific to an area of the Park and will cost $3,000 plus the correct Apricorns needed. They take on the strength of a Hyper Ball but add 15% to the end Capture Rate. For example, if you had a Capture Rate of 80%, using one of these balls makes it 95% instead.

Other Miscellaneous Rules/Guidelines

• Trainers who purposefully cause extensive damage Park property will be escorted from the Park. However, minor damage (such as a tree getting knocked over) may simply result in a stern admonishment from the Ranger. In the end a Ranger will decide if damage is extensive enough for the Trainer to be taken from the Park. A good rule of thumb is that if it would adversely affect other RPers, it is considered major damage.
• An encounter does not necessarily have to end in a battle. A Ranger can make a Pokemon run, or perhaps it befriends the Trainer or the Trainer’s Pokemon and will refuse to battle. Depending on the Trainer’s actions and those of their Pokemon, encounters can end in several different ways.
• Keep in mind a Pokemon can flee in the middle of battle! A Wild Pokemon is just that; wild. It may act in unpredictable manners, which includes running when you least expect it to. However, Rangers should only make Pokemon flee with good reason; perhaps the Trainer is being cruel to the Pokemon, or is being a major jerk. If a Ranger makes a Pokemon flee, they can decide to make it turn up later if they so choose.
• Make sure you take into consideration the Abilities of your Pokemon and those of the Wild Pokemon you encounter. Along with Nature, they may either benefit you greatly if you use them properly, or cripple you terribly if you ignore or misuse them.
• You choose the Nature of your Pokemon; the Ranger randomly picks the Nature of all Wild Pokemon you encounter. Natures cannot be changed after they have been chosen.
• So you've caught three good Pokemon and want to leave early. You're more than welcome to leave the Park before your 15 Encounters (or other limits) are reached, but if you do, you might miss the chance to catch even better Pokemon. It's advised you remain in the Park for all 15 Encounters; that way, you won't miss out on catching any really good Pokemon. If you're happy with the first three, though, you may leave the Park.


In closing, the Park is still going through phases of development. New techniques will probably be adopted as we work towards bettering how things work, and old techniques will be discarded. We’re at an exciting time, but things can’t move forward without the help of everyone in the URPG. It takes more than Rangers to keep the Park running; we need lots of eager Trainers, too! So bring your favorite Pokemon, grab yourself some Park Balls, and get ready to go to the Park!

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