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Default Becoming A Ranger

VI. Becoming a Ranger

So, you think you have what it takes to be a Ranger? Do you have a good grasp on the Park and the job of a Ranger in general? If youíre ready to move up in the world of the National Park, weíd be happy to have you! The more Rangers we have, the more Trainers we can allow into the Park.

If you want to become a Ranger, you first have to take and pass the Ranger Quiz. If you pass, you then must pass the Practical Ranger Test, which consists of a scenario sent to you by a Ranger. If you pass the Test you will become an official Ranger. Becoming an Elite Ranger is more difficult; itís like becoming a Mod. You donít ask for it, itís a title offered to you based on how you act and the things you do. Being a nice and helpful person will work in your favor, while being mean or annoying will hurt your chances and may get you stripped of you Ranger title.

Like the Ref Quiz, the Ranger Quiz has definite answers. However, the Ranger Test is more like the Grader Test, in that thereís no real right or wrong answers. Itís a matter of whether the Rangers testing you feel you understand enough to be promoted from Trainer rank to Ranger rank. Yes, I said Rangers, because your test will be reviewed by a small panel of Rangers. This is to keep people from being promoted or failed based on biased judgment. And donít worry about not being able to go through the Park after promotion; just like how Refs are allowed to battle and Graders are allowed to write stories, Rangers are allowed to go through the Park as Trainers.

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