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Default [AAOC] Which Banner is Better?

NOTE: I do not know if these kinds of polls are allowed or not. The AAOC hosts special competitions exclusive to AAOC members only. However, the members of PE2K are allowed to vote in this. I did not see a rule against these kinds of polls, especially in this thread.

Do not vote for yourself. If you do, your vote will not be counted unless you state in a post or PM to me that you meant to vote for someone else.

This poll is a representation of PE2K’s opinion on art of a certain medium. This poll is an AAOC poll, which means that it signifies that a competition was held, which means that it is now going to advance to the voting stage. All of PE2K may vote for their favorite one, however they deem appropriate. Just remember that this is not a popularity contest, so please do not vote for your best friend, a moderator, etcetera, just because they are so. Thank you.

This poll’s medium is graphic arts. The theme is AAOC. Each competitor was supposed to come up with a banner that they thought fit the theme, and met certain standards so they could be entered. The winner of this competition gets their banner at the top of the first post of the AAOC.

Good luck to all who have submitted! Here are all of the entries.



~Kayla Ann



~Ali the Dark One


~A Requiem of Verities

~Lunar Latias
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