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Default Re: The Ultimate MonoGymChallenge!

Ok the first one has finnished the challenge and won... darxide :)
He was really good... I was a little tired (and that was easely seen because I won my 2 matches at the start)....but still.. he did a great job...
But he denied his offer to be Kecleking so everybody can still easely become Kecleking :)


actually making a sprite for the new kecleking so if he want he can put it into his signature... But i'm a starting spriter so this could take long :p

also want to keep you updated :p

Immortalis: (18 defeated, 3 lives)

Noey19: (5 defeated, 1 lives)
Cutter_kirby: (4 defeated, 8 lives)
Kingofboos23432: (1 defeated, 8 lives)
Ironwailord (1 defeated, 7 lives)
Déja vu: (1 defeated,6 lives)
Stoc15: (0 defeated, 7 lives)
Void (0 defeated, 5 lives)
Gummy: (0 defeated, 5 lives)


I made the psrite for the kecleking ;o (might update it because I think it's ugly :p)

Good luck :)
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