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Default Re: PickyEater Trading Thread

Originally Posted by phantomx View Post
Thanks for the info, is there anything you like in my thread for them, and are they legit?
I dont know if they 100%
Originally Posted by Minorin View Post
Sorry for the suuuuper long wait. But my WiFi is back now. =) You still up for the NoK Shaymin (yours) and Shiny Ditto (mine) trade?
You can have it for free.
Originally Posted by r3ds0xfan5 View Post
are you still selling pokemon?
selling??? do you mean trading?
I never sold anything.I dont Do software Distribution,espeically those I dont own copyright to.The people on ebay who sell pokemon data is not legit.thay dont have permission from the copyright holders.
Originally Posted by Iron Warlord View Post
Hey, yeah, if you are, I'm interested in these:
PCNYb - Wailord - Lv.100 - ID: 00377
PCNYd - Flygon - Lv.45 - 00077
PCNYd - Absol - Lv.35 - ID: 00003
PCNYa - Shedija - Lv.50 - ID: 00107
PCNYc - Pikachu - Lv.50 - ID: 00542

Anything on my thread interest you?
I,ll take A look when I come back(thats around when soul sliver comes out next month.
Wow,I am A physhic...Thing...
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