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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Discussion (Red/Blue/Time/Darkness)

Originally Posted by Atheena View Post
I've picked up Time at my local Gamestop. Have been playing 25 hours straight and have made it to Primal Dialga. I am a level 40 Squirtle with a level 40 Chimchar. I can't seem to win, especially when Dialga goes uber and spams Roar of Time. >.<
Same Here, Im stuck on that bit, im just gonna bang out joy seeds till I reach like level sixty, Then bring a bag full of apples max elixers and reviver seeds, just to make sure i absolutely Destroy this guy, Also, has anybody got a good move combo (set) whatever for a Totodile and Cyndaquil? i just wanna have the right moves too. Thanks.

>.> That was a LOooooong Sentence.

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