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Default Sequentio's Sprite Shop || [New Things In Stock!] ||

Approved By Anastasia-R

Winner of the Golden Kabuto

Welcome to Sequentio's Sprite Shop. I am Seq, your humble Spriter.
I create several types of requests, which are explained below.

- Splices; I will splice together any two or three Pokemon to the best of my ability. (This excludes large Legendaries. I will not do them).
- Re-colors; I will re-color a Pokemon of your choice to a color palate of your choice. (Please include what palate you'd like for me to use).
- Male & Female; With your splice, I will make a Male and Female version of it.
- Revamps; I am now doing revamps. I will do them from Red/Blue and Gold/Silver. Please be specific which one you want done. (If you want another Gen, please provide the sprite yourself).
- Disguises; I will mix any two Pokemon so they look like one another.
- Auras; I will give a Pokemon any color aura you'd like. (Please specify a single color aura).
- Ditto Mon; I will create a Ditto version of any Pokemon.
- Flame; I will colorize any Pokemon into a flame pattern.
- Wobbynx; A Wobbynx is a special creation of mine, and that being the case - are also very versatile. Do you have a favorite character from an anime, game or book? Supply me a picture and I will make my Wobbynx into your character. (Wobbynx are my idea. Please give credit.)
- Re-Types; I will turn any one of your favorite Pokemon into one of another type.
- PKMN Eggs; I will take any Pokemon at request and turn it into an egg.
- Aqua & Magma Pairs; I will re-color any Pokemon into two versions, one aqua and one magma. (Aqua & Magma Pairs are my idea. Please give credit.)
- Pokeballs; I will make any Pokeball customized to any Pokemon.
- Outline, Shade & Base - These are separate items, so please only request one (ex. Outline, ex. Shade) at a time.
- Soft Lines; I will make a Pokemon with softer lines to show a lighter side of said Pokemon.
- Small, Simple Scratches; I will now do Pokemon scratches to the best of my ability. Please try and be specific and don't ask for anything extraordinary. Limit to one per week per customer.

Note; Pokemon Trainers are for the URPG ONLY. No exceptions.
If you want one, then you must OWN that Pokemon in the URPG.

If you're interested in signing up for the URPG, check it out here and on the BMG Forums!
It's a wonderful experience in which you can battle, trade and capture Pokemon through the PokeMart, National Park and writing stories.
I highly recommend it for anyone, especially if you have access to AIM. (:

- Teaching; I am willing to teach a spriting course over AIM on Fridays. Please PM me for Sign-Up.
(Also note, I will not IM you. It is your duty to IM me if you'd like a lesson).

- Only request two sprites at a time - and a maximum of four sprites a day per person.
- Use the form, please - so it is easier to spot your requests.
- No nagging. I (Seq) will get to your request eventually. If after two days, you do not see your request, then you may politely remind me and re-post it in the form.
- Give credit if any of my sprites are used anywhere at anytime.

Type of Request;
Pokemon (Or Character) To Use;

We reserve the right to not complete requests.
Otherwise, they will be completed as soon as they are seen.


Thank you in advance. =D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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