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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Discussion (Red/Blue/Time/Darkness)

Originally Posted by Atheena View Post
I've picked up Time at my local Gamestop. Have been playing 25 hours straight and have made it to Primal Dialga. I am a level 40 Squirtle with a level 40 Chimchar. I can't seem to win, especially when Dialga goes uber and spams Roar of Time. >.<
Uggh, I've been there with my Meowth and Totodile. I honestly think I got to the mid 50s before I beat him, and that was because both of my Pokemon were using consecutive Water Pulses, causing him to be confused for the whole battle.

Lelve up as much as you can, and try to inflict Dialga with conditions such as Thunder Wave and Confusion (Squirtle can learn Water Pulse, so I suggest he knows it) because IMO, the one turn Dialga needs to recharge from Roar of Time is not enough. Moves like Protect and Detect can also help. :/

Don't give up! Dialga's battle was the second most aggravating moment of PMD2 for me (the first is the battle you have to do in order to gradiate from the Guild), but you'll feel so accomplished when you beat him. And the ending credits are SO worth it. :D

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